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17 Favourite Country Gospel Songs (CD)

Artikelnummer: cdms09
Manfred Schmidt - 18 Songs
10,00 €
Autor/in: Manfred Schmidt


17 Favourite Country Gospel Songs
"Now I`m God`s Son"

01. A new Start
02. He came to me at midnight
03. I am born again
04. Together we are strong
05. The old is gone
06. My heart is new
07. Heaven is in my heart
08. It takes time to grow
09. My Love
10. Fun with the Lord
11. You are my Sunshine and my Life
12. I trust Him alone
13. It´s never to late for coming home
14. Prayer
15. Ill never be the same
16. Home to be with the Lord
17. Your rain will fall
18. You are everything to me (Duett with Sabine Schäufl)

"I don`t sing for people, for money and fame.
I sing to worship and glorify my Lord - He alone is our Father and worthy of all praise!"

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